LL.B (3 Year)

Programme Outcomes

The programme outcomes are:

1. To train and quip the law graduates with legal knowledge;

2. To apprise the students about basic principles of law;

3. To develop the writing and oration skills required for legal representation in adjudication;

4. To equip the students about mapping the laws in a dispute and conflictual situation.

Programme Specific Outcomes

The programme specific outcomes are:

1. To train and equip the students in legal acumen;

2. To train students about mapping of laws and its interpretation;

3. To develop in students logical argumentation and representational skills;

4. To develop in students skill of holistic dispute resolution of legal disputes.


Three years, Semester wise examination pattern.


For Admission LL.B (3Years) candidate must have passed Graduation exam with minimum 50 % marks.

No.of Seats

300 Seats