LL.B (5 Year)

Programme Outcomes

The programme outcomes are:

1. To develop the argumentative and logical thinking in students of law

2. To make the students an instrument of justice;

3. To equip the students in basic legal research needed for pleading, arguing and adjudicating legal disputes;

4. To help students to find the connect of law with society.

Programme Specific Outcomes

The programme specific outcomes are:

1. To provide cutting edge lawyers and judges to society;

2. To provide legal professional equipped with research skills to contribute towards sumptuous legal research;

3. To train and equip students to be an instrument of justice as to be a contributory to bar or bench;

4. To keep the students, update, comparative, logical, critical and analytical thinking, speaking and writing.


Five years, Semester wise examination pattern.


For admission in LL.B hons course candidate must have passed Intermediate exam with minimum 50 % marks.

No.of Seats:

180 Seats